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Stratheden Vintage – The Lost Distillery Company

Type: Blended Malt Whisky
Region: Lowland Whisky
Distillery: NA
Bottler: The Lost Distillery Company 
Age: NAS
Alcohol: 46%
Bottled: 2014



A sneak peek into the past??.. Well at least that’s what the guys at The Lost Distillery Company aimed to give whisky lovers from across the world with this unique idea. What’s on offer… A blended malt whisky (I suppose that’s the category this one would falls into) that has been inspired by the spirit that was produced by the Lowland distillery Stratheden between 1829 and 1926. 

Was the resulting liquid as good as the concept itself.. Here’s what I thought of it…

Nose: Right from the its start you begin to get a hint that this is going to be quite a nice experience. Sweet honeyed notes greet the nose along with that smell of new leather. Then comes the fruits.. oranges, apples .. its a good mix along with a bit of raisins and some toffee too. On the whole its quite a refreshing mix. 

Palate: The palate’s sweet too .. again a lot of more of the fruits and raisins..followed by the bite from the peppery notes. Here’s where you get a bit of salt and smoke too.. Overall the delivery on your palate is really smooth 

Finish: The finish on this one is quite long and warm with a bit more of the sweetness than lingers on.

There’s no way of telling how close this whisky is to what was .. but then again .. when what you are drinking now is as good as this .. does it really matter?.. 🙂


Littlemill 25 Year Old Private Cellar Edition

Type: Scotch Single Malt Whisky
Region: Lowland Whisky
Distillery: Littlemill
Bottler: Littlemill
Age: 25 Years Old
Alcohol: 50.4%
Bottled: 2015
Initial Price: GBP 2000+
Getting to sample a 25 Year Old from a distillery that shut its doors in 1994 is quite a privilege in itself. Add to that the fact that this one’s a distillery bottling that’s been bottled in 2015 after 25 years of maturation initially in ten American and European oak casks before being married and finished in first-fill Oloroso Sherry casks. This makes the offering a fairly unique one too given that you don’t find too many distilleries that are still bottling their spirit so many years after closing down. The 2015 edition which is limited to only 1500 bottles only comes in a 70cl bottle and also comes with a 5cl miniature of the whisky, as well as a section of a stave from one of casks that matured the whisky!
Keeping all of this mind a special thanks is in place for Steve Rush from The Whisky Wire who has nice enough to let me be a part of their inaugural Flash Blog (which by the way is another unique initiative by these guys) and of course the guys from Loch Lomond for sending the 5cl samples out to all those participating. 
Now coming to whisky itself, here’s what I thought of it.. 
This ones got a really nice sweet nose with lots of honey coming through along with butterscotch, vanilla and some definite notes of wood too. Then comes the scent of sweet spices, a good dose of gingery notes and finally some really nice juicy apples. 
The palate on this one is extremely distinctive.. I mean those bitter sweet notes coming from the citrus and lush ripe tropical fruits are almost unmistakable. Totally enjoying it by now. Hold on to it for a bit longer and I also get some licorice, lots of berries and some black tea notes too. 
The finish is just as grand as the entire packaging of this whisky itself.. long, smooth and very warm.. with a bit more of those sweet spices from the nose and more of the berries from the palate that carry their way through. Just like the distillery its whisky too definitely keeps you thinking about it for a long time after its gone!! 
A lot of people have been commenting about the price and whether I’d buy it for what its been priced at. To be honest.. I don’t know.. all I can say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this dram and if someone did put their money on it… I’m fairly certain they’d enjoy the whisky!